Membership Committee Information

MPI D/FW Membership Committee

Purpose & Objective: To recruit, retain and engage the members of the MPI D/FW chapter. Our secondary responsibilities include perfect attendance, yearly membership pin, member recruitment, and spirit awards as well as completing the chapter surveys.

Committee Member Minimum: 10

Annual Events: 12 monthly committee meetings, 2 member recruitment events, 1 Sales Blitz

Time Commitment: Monthly committee meetings (avg. 60 minutes). An average of 30 minutes to 1 hour per month outside of monthly committee meetings for committee members contact members and perform other administrative duties. Average of three to ten hours per month for Chairs/co-chairs.

Direct Reports:  VP of Membership/Director of Membership
• Recording minutes at monthly Committee Meetings and assisting with Board Report.
• Educational Meeting Surveys
• Call Logs


Member Care/Retention. The Member Care committee contacts current, new, reinstated, and transfer members by phone and email to encourage Chapter involvement and assess the needs of the membership, answer questions, and offer member suggestions to the board. These calls are made from an Excel Spreadsheet provided at the first of every month by International for the former month’s information. This committee also calls on members whose membership is about to expire. Our goal is to contact members by phone 6 months prior to the date of their membership expiration. Responsibilities include:

  • Calling members on the phone as a first means of contact
  • Reporting the phone call results monthly in a spreadsheet to the Director of Membership

Member Recruitment. Responsibilities include:

  • Responds to requests for membership applications by developing and maintaining appropriate recruitment materials (print and digital) for the purpose of communicating the benefits of membership in MPI and in the D/FW Chapter
  • Support efforts by the Chapter to make contact with and track all guests and walk-ins at monthly meetings
  • Develops and coordinates all membership drive initiatives

Member Retention. This team contacts existing members by phone and email to see if they have found a way to become involved in the Chapter in hopes that they will continue their Membership and are getting what they need from our Chapter. The goal is to call every member at least 6 months out from their Membership expiration date. This includes calling newer members and members that have been with the chapter 20+ years. It is recommended that this team include seasoned members with some years of experience with the chapter or that are highly involved with the chapter. The goal of this team is to retain members before we loose them! Responsibilities include:

  • Contacting all members to thank them for their membership

New Members. This team replaces the former Buddy Program and continues the New Member Contact program and primarily includes calling all the new Members after the Master lists come out from International at the first of the month. New Member Team Responsibilities include:

  • Contacting all new members, transferring Member, and renewing members by phone to welcome them to our chapter and tell them about orientation and how to sign up when registering for the monthly meeting
  • Answering or finding answers to any questions new members have regarding getting involved
  • Following up by email with links to Chapter Resources and events

Orientation.  The Orientation committee presents the chapter’s orientation classes which are held just prior to monthly meetings. Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating with the E&E committee to ensure that the committee is requesting the appropriate room set up for the monthly orientation
  • Arriving early (by 10:30 AM) to monthly meeting to ensure the room is set up properly and providing the registration committee directions to the Orientation room (to direct registrants)
  • Recruiting seasoned members to attend and offer insight and experience with the attendees
  • Provide new members with all available Chapter information, including but not limited to:
    • Provide a brief overview of International and the D/FW Chapter
    • New Member Welcome Letter (from the President and VP of Membership)
    • Committee Description List
    • Benefits of Membership in MPI and the D/FW Chapter
    • Other vital information about Chapter activities and programs

Phone Tree. The phone tree committee is a standing committee used for Chapter promotional purposes and special projects as directed by the Director or VP of Membership. They also assist the Member Care Committee with calling members for a variety of special projects.

Registration. The Registration committee will assist the Chapter Administrator at monthly meetings and other events as required. The number of volunteers needed depends on the event and the number of registered attendees. Responsibilities include:

  • Attending the monthly educational meetings and other chapter events as needed, and arriving early (10:30 AM for the monthly educational meetings) to set up the name tags, ribbons, and coordinate with the Chapter Administrator for any special needs
  • Assisting members and guests with locating their pre-paid badges, answer questions about registration, directing members to orientation, menu selections or any other information requested
  • Coordinating members to volunteer for the registration portion of the monthly educational meetings, networking or special events
  • Providing the list of volunteer names to the E&E and/or membership committee 4 days prior to the event

Sales Blitz Committee. This committee coordinates and plans the blitz events. Responsibilities include:

  • Soliciting member participation and sponsors
  • Preparing advertising and marketing for the chapter via the website and the monthly educational meetings

Student Committee. This committee is responsible for creating a structured process for college students to network and get involved with chapter membership; supporting the ongoing efforts of MPI (International) to pave the way for area hospitality students and faculty to benefit from opportunities within MPI. The committee functions as an advocate to provide Chapter membership and registration fees at a reduced rate, as a vehicle for students to come together to discuss their professional development needs, and encourage leadership development and volunteer opportunities within the Chapter. It also promotes MPI programs through area hospitality programs. Responsibilities include:

  • Planning activities for the student members to promote unity and access needs
  • Making recommendations to the Director of Membership on behalf of the student members

Table Host. The Table Host committee is responsible for recruiting and qualifying hosts for each table at the monthly meetings. Table hosts are responsible for facilitating conversation, making members and non members feel welcome at the tables, and following up the following day with an email. Responsibilities include:

  • Enlisting members to serve as Table Hosts which would include developing a description on the monthly meeting announcements on the website
  • Coordinating with the Chapter Administrator regarding those that have signed up
  • Arriving early at the monthly meetings (10:30 AM) to add table host ribbons to the name badges and labeling the badges with a table number on the host badges
  • Ensuring that the E&E committee has table number stanchions at each meeting or preparing table numbers if the venue does not provide those
  • Preparing a list of printed talking points for each table and placing them on the tables
  • Reminding Table Hosts to follow up with table guests via email by the following day and providing a sample email

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